As an herbalist, Martina has been of great influence to me. She has been able to recommend some natural remedies to help me with some of my health conditions. The teas and ointments she prepares have helped me with my dry skin and joint pain.
Her capacity to promote a healthy style of living is superb. She has also been a great example because of her lifestyle which speaks for itself.
Her soaps were excellent for my skin and I am waiting for the next batch that she will prepare to get some moisturizing and exfoliating ones. The excellent choice of scents invited me to try them at first, but the final effect on my skin is what motivated me to keep looking for her products.

E. Quinones - Davenport, FL

Martina is an amazing person and awesome herbalist ! She is very knowledgeable and will help you every step of the way. She worked with me for 2 years with some ailments that I had, and slowly but surely I have noticed some improvement in my health. She helps you focus on your body as a whole which is very important in your healing. If you are consistent with the work she requires you will see results. I still have a way to go but I am content and grateful that I met her !


Martina was sooo amazing! I reached out to her for a custom salve for my eczema. She asked me questions on my history and allergies to further customize it which I did not expect. The salve works better than any steroid I’ve gotten from the doctor and she reccomended some other things I could do internally as well. 10/10 would recommend reaching out to her if you’re looking for natural medicines and an expert who knows about them.


Where do I begin? I am so grateful to a dear friend of mine for introducing me to the Motherwort tincture. It helps with my pain between periods and regulated my cycles. Then decided to try the Red Raspberry Leaf tincture. That too is amazing! Whenever I had any questions, Martina was amazingly helpful to answer them. I highly recommend her products to anyone I know who may need them! She is amazing and so are her products! She and the products are Heaven sent!